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Trapper Pistol
Trapper Pistol
Most of the early mountain men and traders probably carried a single-barreled pistol. These larte "horse pistols" were often of a military style or were military pistols acquired by one means or another. The military pistol and the Kentucky style pistol continued to be popular in later years.

These two styles had proven themselves reliable, and that was a great importance to a trapper who might have to stake his life on a pistol's ability to provide a back-up shot in what could be a desperate situation.

Carrying a pistol was more practical than carrying two rifles, and most trappers probably would have preferred to avoid carrying unnecessary equipment over mountains and across rivers.

These factors, combined with an appreciation for the stopping power of large-bore weapons, would combine to encourage the development of a large-bore pistol of military size and Kentucky lines. By ordering a pistol in the same calibre as his rifle, the trapper eliminated the need for an extra bullet mold and the constant carrying of two different sizes of lead balls. That's doesn't mean that all mountain men and trappers carried this style of pistol.

   Lock, Trigger and Tang Inletting Available
   Overall length 16"
   Barrel channel length 10 1/2"
   Barrel channel size 15/16" and 1"
   Lock mortice area 1 5/8" x 5 3/4"
   Width at lock 1 3/4"
   Ramrod hole size 3/8"


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