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Jim Chambers Locks

Round Face English Fowler Flintlock
  Golden Age Flintlock

Round Face English Fowler Flintlock

Found on colonial American longrifles and fowlers. Features a decorative molding around the lock plate, and hammer has a raised weather proof pan.  Lock is 6" x 1" and uses 7/8" flints.                            $295.00

Golden Age Flintlock

Classic flintlock from the 1770 to 1800 period. Closely related to the large siler lock. The lock plate is longer and the cock is taller than the large siler. Most internal parts are shared with the siler. Very fast lock. Lock is 5 9/16" long by 15/16", and uses 3/4" flints.       $295.00

Late Ketland Flintlock   Golden Age Percussion

Late Ketland Flintlock

Golden age era lock ideal for use on American long rifles. Features a roller on the frizzen spring and uses internal parts from the large siler lock. Fast and reliable lock. Lock is 5" long by 15/16" and uses 3/4" flints.         $295.00

Golden Age Percussion

True flintlock conversion to percussion. Interchangeable with the Golden Age Flint. Fine quality early percussion lock. Lock is 5 9/16" long by 15/16". Takes a 1/2" inch drum. $230.00

  L & R Queen Anne Flintlock

Deluxe Siler Flintlock, Model #L-18

Need to replace a standard Siler lock? Or do you have a pre-carved stock already inlet for a large Siler? Or do you just want something a little better than the standard  Siler lock? The Deluxe Siler uses the standard Siler plate, but incorporates the taller hammer, different tumbler and fancy frizzen spring from the Golden Age lock for improved performance. Lock is 5 1/4" long by 1" and uses 7/8" x 3/4" flints.         $295.00

Small Queen Anne Flintlock

Smaller than the small Siler lock. Rounded plate, pan and hammer. Perfect for use on early flint pistol, Dueling pistols or small caliber flint rifle. Size: 5" x 7/6". Recommended flint size 3/4".         $295.00

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