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Blunderbuss Rifle
Introduced in Europe by the Dutch and Germans, the Blunderbuss was most popular in the British Isles between 1750 and 1850.

Gate guards and game keepers on private estates were armed with the Blunderbuss. It was equally as popular with highwaymen, street robbers and burglars. Dublin and London were neuters for its production.

In 1784 the Royal Mail Service was organized. A uniformed guard carried a brace of pistols as well as a Blunderbuss. The prescribed load was a charge of 10 to 12 shots the size of a pea. To ensure against misfires, the guns had to be reloaded once a week.

Growing law and order in the early 1800's brought steam engines, leading to trains, and by 1850 trains were leaving London at double the speed and a third of the price. The colorful ways of the road were vanishing. By 1850, the end had come for coaches, highwaymen and the Blunderbuss.

   Overall length 36"
   Pull length 14 1/2"
   Drop at heel 2 1/2"
   Barrel channel length 19 7/8"
   Barrel channel size  1 1/8" at rear
   Ramrod hole size 3/8"
   Lock mortice area 7 1/4" x 1 9/16"
   Width at lock 1 11/16"
   Butt 1 3/4" x 5 1/8"


Walnut Stock   $125.00
Barrel 75 cal. 20" long, with Breechplug $215.00
Lock L & R Queen Anne Flint $160.00
Trigger   $20.00
Buttplate Iron $24.00
Triggerguard Iron $25.00
Thimbles   $15.00
Lock Screws   $3.50
Tang Screws   $1.75
Barrel Lugs (2) $4.00
Side Plate Iron $8.00
Touch Hole Liner   $2.50
Ramrod Jag & Tip   $4.00
Ramrod   $3.00
Misc. Screws   $1.50
Stock Inletting   $67.50
  Stock and Parts Total $674.75
Blunderbuss Parts
Blunderbuss Blunderbuss
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