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Dueling Pistol
Dueling Pistol
The English dueling pistol was a deadly masterpiece of the gunmaker's art. The pistols were usually ornate, light in the hand and accurate. The early models were often smooth bored and equipped with reliable and engraved flintlocks.

The pistols were not always used for the purpose of dueling, but possession of a set was the mark of a gentleman of means. That's because dueling wasn't a sport, nor was it permitted among the common folk. The history of dueling can probably be linked to the "trial by combat" of knights in medieval times. There were rigid rules, and the "code duello" governed behavior of the combatants and their seconds. Few duels were fought  "to the death" and the drawing of blood was sufficient to soothe the honor of most participants.

Dueling became unfashionable and illegal, but these style pistols are a reminder of a time when a man's honor was a matter of life and death - a time when a sunrise, and a beautifully engraved, carefully stocked and balanced pistol might have been the last sight of many a good and bad man.

   Lock, Trigger and Tang Inletting Available
   Overall length 15 1/4"
   Barrel channel length 9 1/2"
   Barrel channel size 13/16" and 7/8"
   Lock mortice area 1 1/4" x 5 3/4"
   Width at lock 1 1/2"
   Ramrod hole size 15/16"


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