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English Shotgun
English Shotgun
The English single-barrel shotgun was a gentleman's firearm - and "London-made" stamped atop the barrel was a sign that it was top of the line. "London" meant quality to many buyers.

But "London" was just a place for some makers both in the U.S. and abroad. And even some of the fine London gunmakers used parts produced in other places (Birmingham, for example, was a center for the manufacturing of gun parts before 1700). The practice of adding a "London" marking to a gun produced somewhere else was so widespread that in 1813, London gunsmiths wanted a law requiring English firearms to list their "real" maker's name and address. Birmingham makers managed to defeat the proposal, claiming that they made most of the parts for the rifles and shotguns being produced and that the final assembly point was not important.

These parts were produced by fine craftsmen who were not quick to reveal the secrets of their trade. The smooth working lock, easy trigger pull and quality barrel became a tradition of the English gun that continued even after machinery was introduced to produce these arms.

The basic form of the shotgun has undergone little change in the past 200 years and the minor changes generally reflect the builder, buyer or the times. For example, after the Revolutionary period the butts and buttplates of both shotguns and rifles became somewhat narrower.

These guns were the inspiration for a more ornamental style, and copiers were careful to use local decorations and designs in the building.

As ever, fine wood is the starting point for a fine shotgun and you should select a type of wood that reflects your personal tastes, the purposes to which the gun will be put and a historical period.

   Lock, Trigger & Tang Inletting Available
   Overall length 27 1/2"
   Pull length 14 1/2"
   Drop at heel 4"
   Barrel channel length 11 3/4"
   Barrel channel size 1"
   Ramrod hole size  Optional
   Lock mortice area 13/4" x 6 3/4"
   Width at lock 1 3/4"
   Butt 1 3/4" x 4 7/8"

English Shotgun

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