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Jim Chambers Siler Locks
Siler locks are a Germanic style created many years ago by Bud Siler to fill a void in the muzzleloading world. This lock line was later purchased by Jim Chambers, Inc., and soon after some needed design modifications, became one of the most sought after locks in the business. They are generally the first choice of builders world-wide because of their inherent long lasting durability, and quality of construction. They are well-suited for many rifles and pistols found in the golden age of muzzleloading which fall in the 1770 to 1790's.

Large Siler  Flintlock

The original Siler lock is a copy of the Germanic style, hand-forged locks used by mid-to-late 18th century gunmakers. This style was common to 1770 to 1790 period rifles made by such well known builders as Jacob Dickert, Isaac Haines, J.P. Beck and many others. The plate measures 5 1/4" x 1" and uses 7/8" x 3/4" flints. The flintlock is completely interchangeable with its percussion version. If you are going to possibly interchange locks, always build for the percussion drum first. Then all you have to change is a touch hole liner of the same thread; preferably, of 5/16" x 24" threads for the flint.

   Large Siler Flint - Right Hand           $175.00
   Large Siler Flint - Left Hand             $175.00

Large Siler Percussion

As percussion ignition came into use, many original flintlocks were converted to this new system. The original lock plate was retained, but the flint hammer, frizzen, and frizzen spring were replaced by a percussion hammer, drum and nipple. These large caplocks are completely interchangeable with the Siler large flintlock for those of you who want to interchange. Plate cut for 1/2" drum.

 Large Siler Percussion - Right Hand  $110.00
 Large Siler Percussion - Left Hand     $110.00


Small Siler Flintlock

The small Siler flintlock fits the same time period as the large Siler flintlock, 1770-1790. Its smaller size makes this lock ideal for small or very fine lined rifles or pistols. Measures 4 3/4" x 7/8" and uses 3/4" wide flints. The small Siler flint and percussions are fully interchangeable with each other.
   Small Siler Flint - Right Hand         $175.00

Small Siler Percussion

Identical in size and interchangeable with the small Siler flint, this lock plate has a cutout for a 7/16" diameter drum.

 Small Siler Percussion -  Right Hand   $110.00

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