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How to Order

Important-Please Read  - We advise reading through this web site thoroughly before placing your order. Many questions you have will be answered on the site.  Please help us by using e-mail when you can.

Inlet stocks - We now have many stocks in this category. We cannot inlet for components other than those we have specified for a particular style. It is impossible to change to a different make of lock or barrel size, etc. in the inlet stocks.  You may be assured that the components we have selected are correct and of high quality workmanship.

Selecting Wood for a Inlet Stock - With the introduction and acceptance of our inlet stocks, we have offered greater ease in building a fine rifle with investment potential. This has created some obstacles since many builders are now inclined to order higher grades of wood. We have not been able to purchase as much in the higher grades as orders call for, so please consider a second choice. We are constantly looking for higher grades. However, we are confidant you will be satisfied since we do grade higher than most suppliers.

To Order by Phone- (815) 968-1995 - Our telephone line is open from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Central Standard Time, Monday through Friday. We are closed Saturdays, Sundays and all holidays.

To Order by Fax-Please use the Order Form and fax to (815) 968-1996. Our fax line is open seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

To Order by Mail-Please use the Order Form and send via United States Post Office to:
     Pecatonica River Long Rifle Supply
     P.O. Box 2791
     Rockford, IL   61132  US
If paying by personal check, allow 2 weeks for your check to clear.

Payment- Express money order, bank draft or check. We accept Visa and MasterCard.

Postage and Handling
     Fullstocks or Fullstocks/Components    $30.00
     Halfstocks or Halfstocks/Components   $20.00
     Pistols     $15.00
     Barrels    $20.00
     Merchandise Totaling up to $100.00 (excluding stocks and barrels) is $8.00
You will be advised of a back order and given approximate time of shipment or opportunity to cancel for refund.

Shipping charges will be added according to carrier and packaging requirements. We ship all our stocks by UPS or U. S. Mail. Shipping in the lower 48 contiguous states is primarily UPS. All international shipping is by U.S. Postal Service only, according to their regulations, whether surface or air mail. If at all possible, international orders are always shipped air mail and insured with the US Postal Service.

UPS Shipping losses will be replaced only if you follow these steps:
    1. If a package is received in damaged condition, refuse it and notify UPS. They will return the damaged package to us and we will reship.
    2. If a loss or damage is found after package is opened, hold all items, packing, and shipping boxes.  Notify us. We will put in a claim and a UPS Representative will contact you. When a claim number has been assigned, we will reship.  Do not destroy packing or carton, as UPS will not honor any claim if cartons cannot be inspected.

Returned Merchandise-Any discrepancies in quality or grading will promptly be rectified, providing the stock has not been altered in any way.  If a refund is desired, please contact us for shipping instructions.

Pecatonica Long Rile Guarantee-Our intent is to produce better than you expected. Our standards are high. We try to provide wood which has been graded fairly and free of chips, cracks, knots, checks, rot or weak spots. We do not consider a slight mineral stain a defect, as most are completely unnoticeable on the finished gun. We try to use good judgment in the customers' favor in selecting their stock.  If you are in any way not satisfied, simply notify us within ten (10) days for shipping instructions for replacement or full refund. Guarantee is void if stock has been carved or inlet in any other way than it was received and may not be returned. Also, we have no control over hidden defects.

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