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Schuetzen Halfstock
The percussion Schuetzen was popular during the 1870's and 1880's before the metallic cartridge was perfected.

Designed for offhand shooting, these heavy stock rifles featured large cheek pieces. Double-set triggers hook schuetzen buttplates, fancy scroll shape trigger guards and palm rests. Barrels were heavy, rifled for a conical bullet of .32 to .38 caliber. They were shot offhand at 100 to 200 yards. Weight of the rifle was approximately ten to eleven pounds.

Our Schuetzen rifle features a 1" Green Mountain Barrel in .32, .38, .40 and .45 calibre with a fast twist for conical bullets. Round ball barrels are used for competitive shooting up to 100 yards.

As these are target guns, no ramrod, ramrod pipes, or barrel rib are included. Loading and cleaning rods are used at the bench. Sights are also not included as peep or vernier sights are used on the rear and apature front sights are generally used.

   Lock, Trigger & Tang Inletting Available
   Overall length 27 1/2"
   Pull length 14 1/2"
   Drop at heel 4"
   Barrel channel length 12"
   Barrel channel size 15/16" and 1"
   Ramrod hole size 3/8" optional
   Lock mortice area 1 7/8" x 7"
   Width at lock 1 3/4"
   Butt 1 3/4" x 5"

Green Mountain Barrel 1" x 36" $160.00
Appropriate Lock L & R Perc. $110.00
Appropriate double-set Trigger L & R $65.00
Appropriate Breech Plug L & R $65.00
Recommended Buttplate Brass $38.00
Recommended Triggerguard Brass $36.00
Recommended Thimbles none -
Recommended Nose Cap none -
Lock Screws (1) $1.75
Tang Screws (1) $1.75
Barrel Rib none -
Rear Sight none -
Front Sight none -
Barrel Lugs (1) $6.00
Barrel Keys (or Pins) (1) $6.00
Escutcheons (2) $4.00
Toe Plate none -
Sideplate (1) $8.00
Touch Hole Liner none -
Nipple   $3.00
Ramrod Jag & Tip none -
Ramrod none -
Misc. Screws   $1.50
Stock Inletting & Drilling   $47.50
  Parts Total: $558.50
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